Littlebrook D Power Station – Turbines

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Littlebrook D Power Station Turbine Hall

Littlebrook comprised three 660MW turbo-generator sets manufactured by GEC. The turbines are four cylinder reheat machines running at 3,000 rev/min. Each turbine has a single-flow high pressure (HP) cylinder, a double-flow intermediate pressure (IP) cylinder and two double-flow low pressure (LP) cylinders. Unit 3 had been dismantled quite some time before the closure of the station.

Unit 2 turbine and generator
Unit 2 turbine and generator

The turbine output was increased to 685 MW during commissioning with practically no additional engineering works required which is testament to the robust design standards rigorously upheld by the CEGB.

Littlebrook B Generating Units

List of power generating units at Littlebrook D Power Station:

Unit Name Capacity Date
Unit 1 685 MW 1981 2015 GEC NEI Nuclear
Unit 2 685 MW 1981 2015 GEC NEI Nuclear
Unit 3 685 MW 1981 ? GEC NEI Nuclear Unit mothballed long before closure

Turbine Hall Pictures

Documents and Schematics

Section through turbine
Section through turbine

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