Map of UK power stationsEver since Thomas Edison opened the UK’s first power station in 1882 coal has been the mainstay fuel of electricity generation. Powering literally everything that requires electricity, not a day went by when coal was not burnt to generate the lifeblood of the technological times we have become accustomed to. That is, until 21st April 2017, for the first time in 135 years the UK saw a 24 hour period where no coal was used to generate electricity. That’s quite a milestone, and a sign of the changing attitudes towards climate change. It’s a necessity for an environmentally stable and green future, but a bold move. It’s saddening to think the once mighty coal-burning giant stations that once powered the nation are now seeing out their final days. As a homage to everything these beasts have done for us, this website takes a look back at the glory days of coal-fired power stations, detailing many of the UKs most prominent stations as they close with a detailed look at their inner workings.