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Drax Power Station Turbine Hall

During planning the CEGB decided Drax would be a good opportunity for the installation of their first 660MW turbogenerator sets. The station consists of 6 such sets, with a total generating capacity of almost 4 gigawatts.

The steam turbines, manufactured by CA Parsons are of the tandem-compound design comprising five cylinders – one high pressure, one intermediate pressure and three low pressure cylinders, with single reheat.

The huge turbine and generator sets are positioned at an angle within the turbine hall to reduce the width of the area the overhead cranes span.

A £100 million investment programme was undertaken by Siemens to replace the turbines between 2007 and 2012. The turbines consist of 28 separate turbine rotors which weigh more than 2,800 tonnes and have 80,000 individual turbine blades.

Drax Generating Units

List of power generating units at Drax Power Station:

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Turbine Hall Pictures

Drax turbine hall - Units 3-6
Drax turbine hall – Units 3-6

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