Tilbury B Power Station – Boiler House and Fuel Delivery

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Tilbury B Boiler House

Tilbury power station had four boilers to generate steam for the turbines. The boilers were initially coal fired, and as such a coal delivery system incorporating conveyors and bunkers was also included. The station’s mill prepared the fuel, delivering pulverised coal into the boilers.

Conversion to biomass

In May 2011, RWE began converting the B station to burn biomass only. They hoped for the conversion to allow 750 MW of electricity to be generated from burning wood pellets imported from a pelleting plant in Georgia, USA, and other sources from Europe by the winter of 2011. This conversion would make the station the biggest biomass generating site in the world.

In July 2013 RWE announced they were halting the conversion due to difficulty in converting and financing the plant. It was mothballed after failing to receive a government grant and has since been decommissioned.

Boiler House Pictures

Unit 9 boiler viewed from turbine hall
Unit 9 boiler viewed from turbine hall

Fuel Delivery Pictures


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