Tilbury B Power Station – Turbines

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Tilbury B Turbine Hall

The 4 turbine-generator sets at Tilbury B Power Station were manufactured by GEC Erith and entered service in 1968. Each turbine had a generating capacity of 357 MW, with a combined output of 1,428 MW.

The four units were numbered 7-10, continuing the numbering from the six units in the ‘A’ station.

Tilbury B Generating Units

List of power generating units at Tilbury B Power Station:

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Turbine Pictures

Overview of Units 9 & 10 in the turbine hall
Overview of Units 9 & 10 in the turbine hall

Unit 7 – Partly Dismantled

Unit 7 had been decommissioned before conversion to Biomass, and long before the closure of the whole station. As a result, the unit had been stripped back allowing a look into the inner workings of the turbines.

Unit 7 LP turbine blades
Unit 7 LP turbine blades

Gas Turbines

In addition to the four steam turbines, Tilbury B incorporated four gas turbine generators. The gas turbines could supply additional capacity at peak times, or be used to power to the stations main units in the case of an emergency involving a part or complete outage of the National Grid.

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